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"Ifibelievepeace choir competition"

It's time to find the choir that will feature in the children's peace song So if your school or group choir think you have what it takes why not give it a go? We will send you the backing track to practice to and the score of the song and you will need to practice the harmonies and put a video on YouTube by May. Then we will choose the best sounding choir.

To register for this competition, you will need to click here and pay £50 pounds per school. This money will go towards creating the video and professional recording we will be making.So good luck and looking forward to hearing from you.

We are looking for children's and school choirs to compete to become the choir that will sing on the recording and pop video of the peace song.we are looking for talented kids and if you feel your school can do the harmonies but you can't afford the fee please contact us. We are not about the money.

Registration will start from 1st February here.

Please contact us for more details on Peace Shalom Salam Shanti .