This is the promo for the film which will be coming out in the spring. 

I hope you enjoy it and pass it on thanks Peace Shalom Salam Shanti xxxxxx 

                                                         The Film                        

Well this year has been amazing. John Bucknall has come into our project and together we have been creating a documentary about the song and its  journey from Sept 11th to now. I have been blessed to be able to turn up at assemby and teach the kids a little bit of the song and John has filmed them learning it

So since January 2012 when I released the little video on Youtube, this has grown from 200 kids to more than 1000 kids 

Here is a summary of who is on board the film and their input. 

Hayes fm Sutesh and the radio station

Doctor Tripletts school Hayes  Minet school Hayes    Brookside school Hayes   Stagecoach Uxbridge  Claytons school Bourne End.

Numerous musical directors Brett Gossage, Paul Lightening,Thereasa Smith Martin Ottewill The kids from the Quakers in Chilterns, Tanisha and the Grenadian society of High Wycombe, 

Rabbi Jonathen Romain of the Maidenhead interfaith Synagogue

Sagir from the Mosque in Maidenhead

Unity Christian church in Maidenhead

These are the core of our filming and we are so grateful to everyone who lended a hand and helped us to sell the raffle so we could make this amazing film 

A special thanks to the angel Ms L Spain who went out and sold more than 25 raffle tickets and contributed the painting of the Sharbat Gula to the film to show the importance of children not having to grow up like that poor child in Afganistan 

Also thanks to the beautiful child Faith Smith who represents to us the happy British little girl whos smile we hope will capture peoples hearts 

And now we are looking for a great choir to complement the film to be the soundtrack of the film 

This choir will need to be able to sing a  5 part harmony with the soloists who will be kids from different faiths, myself singing the classical bit of the song and a rapper from David Stinsons music school in London 

So if you think your choir is up to it please contact us soon as we release the film to the world in the spring. 

Peace Shalom Salam Shanti 

Laurene Hope Omedal