We are delighted to announce that the film "Writing the song for peace" featuring 1000 kids and groups in the UK will be aired on Sky community channel on 2nd August 9pm

Here is a list where you can watch the community channel

  • Sky 539
  • Virgin 233
  • Freesat 651
  • Freeview 63 & 109 (HD)
For other showings why not try https://www.google.co.uk/?gws_rd=ssl

Some one we loved and cherished said years ago "You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one.".......(Imagine)...
Well I too am one of those dreamers and we are growing everyday and peace in our world is becoming more and more of a reality..

Welcome to the website for Ifibelieve/peace the largest ever song for interfaith and peace

I am Laurene Hope and I am really happy that you have decided to read about this project

I have been visiting schools and teaching the kids that we are all the same in our hearts, no matter what religion colour or race.

I was brought up in wars in the middle east and i chose to work for peace, so no child should grow up in pain and fear like I did.

That is what drives me to do this project and helps me to believe that we can create a better world for the future       

This project is for every child and every adult child to help them tap back into the innocence of child hood 
To help them to "Believe again in love at first sight"(Taken from Ifibelieve/peace)

I am creating the largest ever song for interfaith and peace ever 
This year we have been making a documentary about the song and we have more than 1000 children involved in it 

This is a very exciting time and we are now looking for a childrens cholr that can learn 5 harmonies and record the song for general release

So if you are a choir leader who has this choir let us know soon on 07412076364

Peace Shalom Salam Shanti and peace in every other language .....

Thank You Laurene  Hope Omedal ...


The link to the film "Ifibelievepeace" is available as a download by donating £8.00 via PayPal - use the PayPal payment box below.

Alternatively you can receive it as a physical DVD for £10.00 by emailing your name and address to ilana@bellair.net

All monies will go towards creating the Peace Song.

Thank you Laurene Hope